Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.

About Us

We are Russian certified ethical hacker with 10+ years of experience in cybersecurity research with a deep understanding of networking, database administration, social engineering and other component competencies which provide the core of a good security professional. We know how to break through bank account security and website encryptions in particular. That is what distinguishes us from other companies. Using a variety of bank account hacking methods, we can undoubtedly hack a bank account for you.   As a result, we claim to provide you with non-traceable services that entirely please you. We working almost 24/7 to provide you with the best service to satisfy your needs! 


We are devoted to deliver the necessities of our customers. So far we are glad for the numbers we have. Click here for more

Instant Refund

If you decide your piece isn’t quite right, you have up to 72hrs  from the date of delivery to return your item(s). Our team is here to help.

Exquiste SUPPORT team

Our experts will create perfect plans with immediate response to help and support you.  Click here for help.


Bank account hacking has never been so easy. Thanks to our automated malware/trojan. We have successfully collected banking credentials of several different banks around the globe by the help of this malware. It is a very effective way of accessing bank-relevant information, like a particular account detail, a bank database or even bank server. Our highly competent team comprising of Russian hackers developed the special bank transfer hack tool.

no trace

After the transfer to your bank account is finished, we remove transaction logs, making them safe and untraceable.

legit backup documents

For customers purchasing above $5 million USD, we provide extensive backup paperwork and generate legitimate/verifiable contracts.

exquisite hackers

We are the greatest bank transfer hackers; we are expert Russian hackers who provide secure and guaranteed services.

We use a secure money wire transfer clearing protocol to send the payments to your bank account, and makes the transfer clean and not traceable. A bank transfer will ease your stress and make the celebration lit. 

What Is Bank Hacking?

Hacking bank accounts has never been easier. Thanks to our malware/trojan detection system. With the use of this software, we were able to effectively collect financial credentials from a variety of banks all around the world. It’s a quick and easy way to get bank-related information, such as a specific account number, a bank database, or even a bank server. The specific bank transfer hack program was designed by our highly skilled team of Russian hackers. When a bank administrator tries to log into his bank administrator server database, the malware/virus captures the banking login and grants remote computer access to the bank server.

Money Transfer Price List

You PayYou GetDelivery Time
$550$5,0001hour Max.
$1,050$10,0002hour  Max.
$5,500$50,0005hour  Max.
$10,500$100,00024hrs Max.
$35,500$250,00024hrs Max.
$50,500$500,00048hrs Max.
$100,000$1M72hrs Max.


We use a secure money wire transfer clearing protocol to send the payments to your bank account, and makes the transfer clean and not traceable. A bank transfer will ease your stress and make the celebration lit. Contact us to order this service. The truth is: if you’ve been chasing money as a salaried worker, then you’ve been doing it all wrong. You need to chase instant money transfer hacks, and more importantly, prepare a good business investment plan, for proper usage of our clean untraceable funds. 


Tutor/membership Updates

We have received too many requests on starting a mentorship program from newbies who are ready to learn the basic and master techniques in Hacking, spamming and other easy money making related activities. However, we have decided to take initiative and start these programmes to enable our customers to cash out without us doing it for them. The course content will be started from zero to hero. We will cover all the aspects, setup, methods etc. NOTE this class is STRICTLY FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE ALONE!!!

We are here to offer the latest ATM Skimming devices with the best prices available. We are the only legitimate online skimmer shop, providing the best quality of service.


Other Features

Cards with no real owner for ATM cashout. Every Card comes with full introductions. WW shipping with UPS Express delivery.

We have bank logins for sale. So this is where you can buy bank logins at absolutely remarkable price points.

We generate clean MTCN´s with prepaid credit cards for you. The processing time is  around 2 hours maximum.

Every credit card has a magnetic strip embedded on it. The magnetic strip contains all the information that is specific to that card alone.

scam page

We have the perfect platform for scam page script or phishing page. We have unique scam page not same like the regular ones. 

We have total confidence in our capabilities and guarantee smooth and seamless transactions with us. Visit now 

In a nutshell, FUD crypter is a hacking tool that is used by ethical hackers. To clarify, any data can be used to encrypt harmful code, instance, remote access trojans or RAT outputs. Indeed, Payload crypter helps to bypasses antivirus detections and run in the target system. That is to say, polymorphic crypter or Crypter malware are two types of this program.

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Chasetools includes tens of thousands of online bank login data from various banks throughout the world, each with a different account balance. We authorize transfers from this stolen bank account and then destroy transaction logs after the transaction is complete. The procedure is completely safe and undetectable. If your nation is not listed, please contact us because we transfer to all European countries as well as a few African ones.

Bank transfer services are available same day for transfers below $100,000 to a few countries. For other countries, transfers over $100,000 might take 2 days. Transfer Clearing time is determined by how early you place your order, if you order in the early hours of the day, you are sure to get your order completed before the end of banking hours.
$1 Billion Stolen by Hackers from Banks Around the World. Russian security company Kaspersky Lab yesterday claimed that a hacking ring has affected more than 100 banks in 30 countries over the past two years. The report says that hackers have stolen as much as $1 billion from banks around the world.


WhatsApp: +1 (253) 392-7911 CLICK HERE
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We are able to produce full loaded Prepaid Credit Cards. We cashout most Cards on our own – but it is a safety issue to cashout all cards in same region.
We selling these Cards all over the World to camouflage our identitys and avoid risks.

We accept ONLY BITCOIN for payment . It is a safe and anonym payment system.  because we laundry all BITCOINS and closing the wallets after dealing.

We recommend But their are many ways to buy bitcoins.
Please buy BITCOINS before placing your order.

We are 24/7 available, WhatsApp, Telegram, ICQ and Email. Send us a message through our social media handles to get started.

If a delivery will get lost or if their any problems with the Card we will replace them.
All our packages come with tracking ID. We will check all Cards before shipping.
If you have done a payment with ordered card we don’t replace them !
No replace for WU transfer !

– If you can’t pay and we should send you a credit card for free and after that you will pay us.
– If you want to make payments other then Bitcoins.
– If you want to know any insider information


Yes, we offer cashback:
$15 when you register on our website
30% discount on the second order
If you make a purchase for the first time and order 2 products, then we make a cashback – 40%
To return the cashback, please contact us after the order.

Yes, we are clear all logs after every successful transfer, which keeps it untraceable.

Many markets sell goods without requiring confirmation via SMS, for example Oh. Requires card number / name name / date / csv.

Yes we accept escrow for orders above $1,000

We have two main reasons to do so. You should have already known the first one – we understand that different situations occur in life and that sometimes getting the money illegaly is the only way to handle them. We think that if you happen to look into the darknet, then your problems have to be serious. You may answer that we can’t bo so idealistic and in some way – that’s true. Our second reason is way more pragmatic. We – card dealers – we are also using our cards and thanks to spreading them around the world, we minimalise the risk of getting caught. Also the more customers we have – the safer customers are.

To answer this question we need to compare our cards. Credit Cards are far more different than Pre-Paid Cards (and Beneficial Cards). Credit Cards we sell are cloned cards of people who were practically using them. After we get all data associated to particular card, we wait few days to check if its owner uses this card. If the balance stays still, we clone and sell such a card. Amount of money on it depends on how much money did the owner spent. Amount of money on Pre-Paid and Beneficial Cards is dependent on the transfer that was made before we stole the card. Don’t believe the vendors who sell Pre-Paid Cards with exact same balance on every card, that’s impossible.

Yes, we keep an eye on Credit Cards that are in travel and if actual owner of card spends the money, we will inform you about this and we will send another Credit Card free of charge, using the fastest shipping available. We also want to point out that it never happened that customer didn’t finally get the product. You have that guarantee but we recommend you to take use of your money as fast as you can. This way you would prevent losing the money from Credit Card and you wouldn’t keep fake card in your wallet.

customers reviews

Your feedback is really valuable to us, so whether you had a fantastic or less-than-stellar experience, we’d really like to hear it.

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  1. Hello, my name is John, and I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I believe that obtaining a solid education is an excellent way to achieve success. After reading your reply, I was compelled to take a risk; thank you so much, and I hope all is well with you? Akim and his crew sent me a $50,000 USD transfer. Thank you for your feedback.

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    You’ve kept my business afloat and moving forwards. Thanks to Akim too

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  5. Simple and inexpensive method of obtaining funds!
    I do research for work, so believe me when I say I researched and other platforms. I like how user-friendly Chasetools is, how reasonable and competitive their prices are, and how quickly you can receive money. There are no hidden fees, and I’ve already saved money as a result of my referrals.
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    Good day, everyone! I’m Blake from Australia, and after several poor experiences, I didn’t think I’d be able to locate a reputable website on the internet that actually follows through on its promises regarding transfers. The service here much exceeds my expectations, and on two separate instances, I have earned money from here to pay for my tuition price, which I must pay in order to complete my education. I’ve also been able to save aside a substantial sum of money for my future school project. I’m glad I didn’t base my decision on a few negative encounters, and I definitely suggest them; I believe they have the greatest deals available. really came through for me.

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    1. I’d want to express my gratitude for taking the time to write this review; I was initially doubtful, but after reading your comment, I decided to use the service, and the outcome was perfect.  Thanks to transfer team, I owe you guys my balls. 

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